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I read your e-books last night…really, really great information!  I think you hit the mark of presenting powerful information without an extremist approach. The recipes are really great, definitely going to suggest the sweet potato chili to my brother for his business and the cherry corn muffins sound delightful as well!

– Michelle Waithe, RHN

I am so enjoying your book.  Your common sense strikes such a cord.  Really, good nutrition is so basic and yet we have complicated it to such an absurd degree.  You are a voice of reason and sound principles.   Thanks so much for inspiring me to get back into the kitchen with so many of the new yet old foodstuffs.

– Nancy Wright

“Lorene Sauro has the sweetest, most sumptuous and healthiest book on desserts and baked goods. I could smell the cookies baking just turning the pages. Learning the basics of baking, dessert making and natural whole grains and sweeteners from the master will be a benefit to every reader’s diet.”

– Elson M. Haas, MD, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Author of Staying Healthy With Nutrition

This book is a treasure of knowledgeable, common sense advice, guaranteed to give back the pleasure of baking to those who may have been discouraged by negative propaganda regarding this healthy and delicious art. Baking is indeed an art, and Lorene Sauro, RHN, turns out to be a great artist

– Danielle Perrault, Founder of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Fermentation workshop

Fermentation Workshop

Sold Out!  The Craft of Fermentation Workshop Are You Afraid of Fermentation? Do You Want to Learn to Ferment Foods for Better Digestion? Discover this traditional technique that ancestors used to maintain their good bacteria levels in the gut and improve the digestibility of their food Learn to experiment with different foods to create the […]

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Bacon Apple Tart

There has been a surge in all thing bacon so it should not be shocking to find it in a dessert. This tart has a nice contract of tastes and textures and it is designed or those looking for more ways to eat bacon. If that is not your thing, then leave it out as this […]

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Three Tips For Making Marvelous Whole Grain Muffins

A lightly textured, flavour muffin is a great addition to breakfast and also makes the perfect quick snack between meals. The calorie count can easily be controlled by the portion size, which is easy to do when you make them yourself. A batch can be made ahead and frozen, making this also convenient for busy parents […]

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